How can I start any software without open desktop

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I am using Windows XP sp2 in my office. I create some user in that PC. I purchase a software for my office sales software. Its front-end create with Visual Basic.

I want, when an operator login my PC using his user name, he cannot enter windows. Its automatically start that software what I want to start. Is it possible?

If anybody work this kind of work please help me with step by step.

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How can I start any software without open desktop


Yes it is possible but you need to tweak the user desktop first. Disable everything on the user’s desktop. Hide the Start Menu desktop Icons; disable the run command and running explorer. This can be done using the registry or the group policy editor. And it is easier to do is to download a tweak UI tools to disable what I have above.

After disabling those features of windows, put your program in the start-up menu of the user so that once the user log-in the program runs.

You can also put the program on the registry under the keys HTKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMcirosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun



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How can I start any software without open desktop


Good Day,

  • Yes, it is possible to automatically start an application without entering on Windows desktop however there are ways to do this like batch file creation, use of special software, and through Windows start up menu.
  • Please see the link for your reference:
  • (download Autorun tool)
  • To write a batch file and run the program during startup, follow the steps below:

You can start the programs automatically and control its orders when the computer started. Considering that you want to run three distinct applications such as WordPad, Notepad and the Calculator that will be minimize in order during startup automatically. You can make a batch file that will do the this task for you. Launch any text editor and then type the command: start /min wordpad.exe start /min calc.exe start /min notepad.exe. And then select Option, Save As and then save it as .bat. Example: yourfile.bat. And then right-click on the Start button and select open. Double click on Programs and then launch the Startup folder. Drag the .bat file that you just created in the Startup folder and then close the window. 

When you run your computer next time, WordPad and Calculator will be launch first followed by the Notepad. The batch file will not be visible as we declare it to minimize upon startup.

  • You may choose from above procedures to address your concern, please take note to create restore point before using the autorun tool, it will be your backup if something happen to your computer settings.


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