My computer is randomly slow down

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Hello everyone,

Actually, I am doing simple things like browsing the internet and making some paper works in my computer. There are times my PC is getting lags, when this happen I can’t tab out my current windows and when I click Alt Ctrl Del the pop up message was appeared and it says “Preparing security options” then a few seconds my PC back to its normal speed. I already upgraded my system unit and it is all brand new. It worked well in the first month after that it slow down. I used different software to protect my PC such as registry cleaner, disc cleaner, disk defragmenter, memory check and I’ve done volume error checks on both my HDDs. Please help me.

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My computer is randomly slow down



     You might have installed some software which is not verified and contains malware programs. The "security options" message is the clear case of spyware/malware stuff which got downloaded in HDD.

Follow these steps and check again:

1. First perform system restore to the earlier date of PC functioning good. Search "system restore" and launch the program and follow guidelines.

2. Install a good anti virus software like Avira (freeware) and scan the entire system.

3. Also install Ad-ware tool which again a freeware, works wonders in detecting and cleaning viruses.

Alternate method would be to clean boot. This makes the PC start by disabling the background applications which run during normal reboots.

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My computer is randomly slow down


I think there’s a lot of junk files on your PC. Please check for unnecessary software. Uninstall the application which are not frequently used. Also your PC might be attacked by virus. To solve it you can install a good antivirus. & you can go to the task manager.

I think that’s will work good and you can also reinstall a new copy of Windows this will surely help you.

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My computer is randomly slow down


To Increase the speed of  Computer.

1) Uninstall all the unwanted program from your computer. From Control Panel 

2) By defragment process defrag your hard drive. This will free up some space in your hard drive so that you can set virtual             ram.

3) Set up virtual ram.

4) Delete temporary file from computer:

        A) Go to start , then click run

        B) Type (%temp%). 

        C) Then delete all the folder and file in temporary folder.

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