My computer is continuously giving me run time error.

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I am currently using Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit on my computer. I have the software Cash Flow Manager that I use for book-keeping which I need for my business accounts.

I can open the program without any problem but whenever I try to open an existing file I get this error message:” Run-time error ‘75 Path/file access error”.

When I select OK the program closes automatically.

I also get the same error message whenever I try to use the program to restore a backup from a USB flash drive.

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My computer is continuously giving me run time error.


1. The error you have reported appears when your software is unable to access a needed file or that it does not have appropriate rights to it. This is very often on networks where files are often shared and different computers have different privileges. Also read only files can also cause this error.

To fix this, one needs to identify which file is blocked and where it is located. Then, change settings so that your program can access it. You can do this by following these steps…

  • Open run and type in there msconfig
  • Click on startup tab
  • Uncheck startup item name 21018101 and restart your system.

2. A Virus can also cause this error; especially if your browser is infected. To fix this, run a complete virus scan and delete infected files.

3. Some utility and game programs can also cause this error. Update your software and/or drivers or even consider reinstalling your software program. 

4. Finally, if all the above does not resolve the issue, the problem may be inherent to the software. Contact to the software developer with your problem; they may have suggestions to fix it.

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My computer is continuously giving me run time error.


This error is caused by your bookkeeping program itself.  

Windows Vista has nothing to do with the runtime error that your software reports. Software can often malfunction.

Also, you can encounter this error if you are accessing the file from the file menu's "recently opened files". On the other hand, you may be able to open it if you use the "file manager".

Here's what you should do :

  1. Check, using Windows Explorer, that the file you are opening does exist and is located in the correct folder
  2. Make sure that the file was not renamed
  3. Check settings of your software, particularly the default file location

As a last resort, try reinstalling your program.

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