My computer became extremely slow

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My computer suddenly become extremely slow, I have a Pentium IV with 1GB ram and 200GB Hdd running on windows XP. I’ve tried re-booting and running it in save mode but it’s performance had suddenly crashed. I thought it was some software conflict for which I tried restoring to earlier restore point but no use. Now I am trying to re-install windows XP on it, but overall it taking ages for every action it is performing while installing windows XP. I don’t know if my hardware has ruined or is it a software issue. Help needed.

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My computer became extremely slow


Try the following steps to speed up your computer:

1. Reboot your computer before doing the following steps below.

2. Remove or disable programs that runs automatically when your computer boots up.

3. Free some space on your HDD.

4. Run ScanDisk or chkdsk on the command prompt.

5. Run a Defragmentation.

6. Scan your PC for viruses, spyware or malware.

7. Ensure that the there is no hardware conflicts.

8. Update your Windows regularly.

9. Update all your drivers.

10. Upgrade the memory and hard drive on your PC.

11. Run a registry cleaner.

12. Check if the processor is overheating. Excessive heat can make your computer slow.

13. Reformat and erase everything.

14. Check for failing hard drive, RAM, motherboard or CPU and replace it.

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My computer became extremely slow


1)  Run a full virus scan with an active up to date anti-virus program.

2)  If NO Virus detected, take out every un-neccessary start up program that you use rarely, including the quick start program on the task bar.

3)  Also eliminate every shortcut program you don't use daily.

4)  Run a full adware/spyware scan, because you may have program running on the background of your computer collecting information. If you are using free spyware scanner install several types to ensure accurate scan.

5)  File fragmentation can also cause your XP to run slow, go to your Start menu and open the Accessories folder, click System Tools and select Disk Defragment. All you need to do from that point is select your disk drive and click "Defragment".

6)  Remove Unnecessary Software, because you may have a bunch of software packages on your hard drive that are no longer needed, or they were gratuitously installed when you downloaded some other package. Toolbars, file-sharing programs, free email enhancers, online shopping “companions” and download managers are notorious for this practice. Also uninstall expired software/applications.

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