LCD and LED Which is the best.

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  I am going to buy a new monitor. Now I have CRT monitor and I am looking for LCD or LED monitor. What is the difference between LCD and LED monitors? Which is the best one to buy?

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LCD and LED Which is the best.


LED TV is the new generation of LCD TV that uses a much better backlighting technology (LED) than
the traditional fluorescent backlights used in LCD. Led has features like:
1. Improved viewing angles, meaning you can view contents of the tv clearly even on slant position
2. Vivid color display
3. Energy-saving
4. Thin
Basically, the milestone of LED TV started out when CRT was invented. Then there goes the LCD which is a much better one. Then, LED TV which is an improved version of LCD TV.

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LCD and LED Which is the best.



LED is the newest technology of the monitors and TV’s. LED stand for Light emitting Diode and LCD stand for Liquid Crystal Display. Descriptions of both names demonstrate the technology of LED and LCD.

 LED is newer than the LCD and it uses Light emitting diodes for display.

In LED monitors these diodes placement is different from the LCD. Diode can be place on the back of the display or edge of the display.

It gives you quality, colorful display and more power saver than the LCD monitors.

LCD is the older version of LED. LCD uses fluorescent tube and these fluorescent tubes are always back of the display it can’t be place on the edges.

My suggestion is LED and it is run with greater energy efficiency and it is more costly than LCD. But it is worth buying.

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