Ms word questions and answers

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Question 1: Hello, What is an ms word? Is it an Operating system or application software. Could you please answer?

Question 2: what is the gutter margin in ms word? I’d appreciate it if you could answer.

Question 3: what is the executable file name for ms word? Thanks for your help in advance.

Question 4:Please let me know what is kerning in ms word.

Question 5:I’d appreciate it if you could answer. What is the disadvantage in viewing ms word in a normal view?

Question 6: could you tell how can we locate a word or a phrase in ms word.

Question 7: Hello, can you tell us what is the use of sections in ms word.

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Ms word questions and answers


Answer 1: Thanks for writing! Ms word is application software. Application software is a set of programs designed for an end-user. whereas the operating system is a software that manages all hardware, software resources and also provides common services for the computer programs.

Answer 2: Thanks for reaching us! It is a margin that is added to the binding of the page when printing. In case of any questions, feel free to contact us!

Answer 3: winword.exe is the executable file name for ms word. It will be used when the word will be launched. If you need more details don’t hesitate to contact us.

Answer 4: Hello, kerning is nothing but the feature in ms word that adjusts the spaces between the characters or the combination of characters, which makes them look similar. Drop me a reply if in case you need more information.

Answer 5: In a normal view, we cannot experience the graphics in ms word. Please let us know if this helps.

Answer 6: Using the command find we can identify or locate a particular word or phrase. We are available if you have any questions.

Answer 7: Sections helps us to vary the layouts of a document on a page by dividing it into parts and then allows us to format the way we want.Thanks for writing!

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