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Please, I want to know how to make a chart on word 2007 and how to make index for many pages automatically.

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Ms word 2007 / 2010


There are different ways in which you can make a chart in word 2007. 

The first thing that you need to do is open the word document.

If you already know how many rows and columns you want to create, the easiest way that you can create a chart is by clicking insert. Check the illustration below:

then click on table. Then a table configuration will appear( check the figure below). Just select the number of rows and columns you need. 

There is also another option where you can manually enter the number of rows and columns. You can do this by clicking on the insert button still then select insert table located below the configured rows and columns. This image would appear:

As for your second question, you can make indexe for the rest of the pages automatically by:

1. Highlight the words you want to index then press Alt+shift+X. A dialogue button will then appear.

2. Check the main entry if it is the correct word.

3. If the words appear on the other pages and you want to index it as well, just click the mark all button located at the lower part of the dialogue box.

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Ms word 2007 / 2010



 QUESTION                                                                                                                                                 Please, I want to know how to make a chart on word 2007 and how to make index for man pages automatically

Answer====; HOW TO MAKE A CHART ON WORD2007-

Whether you want to make a pie chart, a bar chart or a line chart, word has plenty of templates and options for you, word works with connection with excel, so you can enter the data in spreadsheets, then plug it into the chart.


1. Click on the “insert” tab in Microsoft word 2007

2. Click on chart in the illustration section

3. Choose the type of chart you want. There are several chart options categorized by type of chart. Select the chart then click on a style then click OK.The chart will open up on the other half part of the screen.

4. Rename the category and series labels in the excel screens to fit the purpose of the chart. Simply click on the cells in the excel screen and start typing

5. Enter data into the excel screen. Use the category and series labels to help you. Notice that you enter numbers, the lines on the chart move. To add category and series fields, click on the cell where you want to add new information. Right click, select “insert” and then choose what you want to add.

6. Change the layout of the chart by clicking on the design tab in word and then click on quick layout” A drop-down menu will let you choose a different layout.

7. add title to the chart by clicking on labels in the layout tab. Choose “Chart title ands then choose where you want the title. A box will appear with “Chart Title.” Click in the box and enter your own title.

8. Change the colors of the chart by clicking “Quick styles in the “Chart Styles” section of the design” tab. You have several options for changing the color

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Ms word 2007 / 2010


Hello Zicopop,

Making a chart in ms word 2007 is easy, you will just have to use the procedure below to go about it:

In the ms word document menu, you will click on insert and then look for the chart icon and then click on it. See the image below to help you locate the chart icon:

When the chart window opens, you will choose from the list the type of the chart that you will need to create. See image below for guidance:

Just choose the chart and then click on OK. Once you click on OK, the window will divide into two and have a word document with the chart and an excel document with the data. You will just alter the data in excel as you want to suit your situation and then save the changes.

You will have successfully created your chart using ms word 2007.


Mahesh Babu

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Ms word 2007 / 2010


I accidentally found out this thread. It is really helpful and I'm glad there is a solution. Thanks,  Lovette 

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