MS Visual Studio 2005 error message on Win XP

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Has anyone come across an error message with Visual Studio 2005? This sounds a little typical for me since I am just trying to save it and I get an error message

“Please ensure there is a file path associated for this document”

I haven’t come across this error message before. I have it installed on my Win XP SP 3 machine.

I do have that file path specified and perplexed to know why this error message pops up.

I have tried to d a research in web and don’t seem to find anything related to this error message.

Any suggestions?

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MS Visual Studio 2005 error message on Win XP


This error will be a result of modification done in the current directory in the MS Visual studio. If you change the executable file in you project file after compiling it, this error is more likely to occur. Because the complier does not recognize the new path of the project folder.

So try to fix this by opening a new project and paste the coding and see it’s resolved.  Sometimes there may be virus infection causing this matter by misleading file paths. Do a complete system scan and ensure there are no viruses.

You can also try a registry repair with reliable registry repair software (regcure, registry mechanic) to eliminate wrong corrupted registry entries.

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MS Visual Studio 2005 error message on Win XP


This error happens when you try to open a Microsoft Office Word document from a Microsoft Access form. The error is triggered if there is no entry in the field where the path to the file is stored. If you want to create a form in Microsoft Access that will allow you to open a particular Microsoft Office Word document, here’s how to do it.

In Microsoft Access, copy and paste the following code into a module:

‘——————Code Start———————–
Sub OpenWordDoc(strDocName As String)
Dim objApp As Object

‘Opens the document

Set objApp = CreateObject(“Word.Application”)
objApp.Visible = True
objApp.Documents.Open strDocName
End Sub
‘——————Code End————————-

Then from the On Click event of the command button on the form (named cmdOpenWordDoc in this example), paste the following (where Me.FilePath is the name of the control on the form storing the path to the associated file):

‘——————Code Start———————–
Private Sub cmdOpenWordDoc_Click()
‘Check to see that there is a document file path associated with the record
If IsNull(Me.FilePath) Or Me.FilePath = “” Then
MsgBox “Please Ensure There Is A File Path Associated ” & _
“For This Document”, _
vbInformation, “Action Cancelled”
Exit Sub
‘Check that the document specified in the file path is actually there
If (Dir(Me.FilePath) = “”) Then
MsgBox “Document Does Not Exist In The Specified Location”, _
vbExclamation, “Action Cancelled”
Exit Sub
‘Opens document in Word
Call OpenWordDoc(Me.FilePath)
End If
End If
End Sub
‘——————Code End———————–

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