Mozilla automatically shutsdown in approx. 10 minutes

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Hi I use the Mozilla (latest version). 

Sorry I can't find the version number of this. I start it and it opens. But in approx. 10 minutes and error message comes as "Source couldn't be read" and it shuts down.

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Mozilla automatically shutsdown in approx. 10 minutes



You can find the exact version of Mozilla in the HELP menu by clicking About Mozilla. For your problem, it is due to some file getting corrupted by some virus. What I recommend is that you uninstall your browser and then reinstall its latest version. Reinstalling the browser will fix the missing file issue and will work fine for you.

While in-installing, you need to uninstall completely. It means you will lose the information of the favorite pages and the bookmarks that you saved in your previous installation. You can copy the favorites folder and the bookmarks folder before uninstallations if you don't want to lose this data. Also scan your PC completely for viruses.

There may be other programs that get affected by it too.

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Mozilla automatically shutsdown in approx. 10 minutes


Hi there , 

It seems that you are having trouble with the Mozilla firefox.I think you should go to the help which you can see above and then click about to see the version details . Without the version details and OS details you can expect a specific answer . 

The solution for this is simple , just re-install your Mozilla Firefox . 

1. First uninstall it by going to start and then control panel and then select add or remove programs(in windows XP ) or programs and features( windows 7) and then find Mozilla Firefox and uninstall it .

2. Go to and search for Mozilla and download the latest one and then install it , 

Now check if the problem re appears.

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