Mozilla and Internet Explorer CSS code problem

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I am a Web Developer/Designer and have run into a problem with my code. I have designed a website using HTML/ CSS with a text editor. I make it a habit to test the code step by step on a web browser. I usually use Mozilla Firefox. While testing the code using Mozilla Firefox, I don’t find any problem and the design is great. But after completing the Website and checking it using a web browser like Internet Explorer, the menu bar and other features are not right. Why is it that CSS code that works in Mozilla will not on IE?
Please help.
Thank you very much.
Web Developer/Designer.
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Mozilla and Internet Explorer CSS code problem

Hello Elmer Jabat,
I've examined the problem that you have submitted. Nowadays, this is a common problem with Internet Explorer. If you post your code, I could take a look. I do suggest that you to recheck for silly mistakes in the placement of
{ , } { [ ] < > / _. etc. 
These are very common mistakes.
Thank you.
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Mozilla and Internet Explorer CSS code problem


Hello there,

As you are working in this field, I am you heard of a way which called cross browsing. In this you would write two different CSS scripts and just mention the browser name in comment tags. So that you can change the CSS whenever and wherever need. The browser will take the necessary CSS script by itself. In case of CSS 3 you can get some CSS tags which will directly help you to work on that specific browser like Mozilla Firefox. It is becoming much easier and useful now-a-days.

Thank you,

Riley weaver

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