Motorola Droid Bionic and LG Lucid SIM Card Slot

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Hello experts,

I was asked to buy Motorola Droid Bionic and LG Lucid 4G. I am thinking of working it with Wire Fly since it doesn't cost much. But when I asked on their Customer Service about the SIM cards for the following mobile phones, I was informed that these phones are CDMA and it doesn't have a SIM card slot.

I called Verizon Tech Support and they told me that these phones will not work without a SIM card. Is there such thing as a built-in SIM card and that is why Wire Fly have not yet figure it out?

I went to Verizon the other day and they opened each phone and showed me the SIM card slot on the phone. Now, I am getting confused which among Verizon and Wire Fly is right. Can someone please enlighten me and confirm who is correct?


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Motorola Droid Bionic and LG Lucid SIM Card Slot


Hello Joseph

First you should know that every company uses another kind of connection CMDA and GSM, CMDA does not require having a SIM card in the phone how ever GSM must have one.

The reason for this is that the GSM is an international network there for you need a special number and that is what the SIM card do, CMDA (Code Division Multiple Access) allow connecting multiple people on the same frequencies, in other word a local network that does not require special numbering.

For more information you should talk with the cell phone company or visit a cell phone Expert.

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