Missing operating system error message

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I recently got a virus on my computer that kept on eating my files. So I tried reformatting my computer to get rid of the virus. My friend gave me a installer for Windows XP which can be installed via USB. So I plugged in my flash drive and changed the BIOS setup to boot my USB first. But when I restarted my computer, this error showed up.

Missing operating system_

I don’t know what to do already. Please Help!

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Missing operating system error message


There could be a few reasons to your problem:

Incorrect boot priority settings:

Enter your BIOS again and check if USB-HDD has the highest boot priority

USB drive not detected:

Try using another USB port and reboot your computer to see if it solves your problem.

Invalid USB drive:

The USB drive that your friend pass to you could be invalid. You should test it out on another computer to see if the drive is still working as a bootable media.
Invalid USB Driver
Since your motherboard allows USB booting, it should by right have the correct drivers for USB detection. Still it is good to keep your BIOS up to date. Please refer to your motherboard's manufacturer manual to check how to update your BIOS
Hopefully these few steps will help solve your problem.
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Missing operating system error message


Hi good day you know I encountered this kind of problem during installation process of Windows. To install New Operating System or Windows XP, Windows 7, and Vista.

  1. Restart your computer press F2 or delete key to enter BIOS setup. SATA operation > changes it into RAID Auto > go to boot sequence > First boot > CD-Room
  2.  Save and exit > YES. Your computer will be reboot after reboot you will see in the screen Press any key to continue. Press enter


Read carefully and follow the procedure during installation.

Thank you and good luck.



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Missing operating system error message


Possible causes of this error are:

1. Your computer could not detect your hard drive.

2. Your hard drive could be damaged.

3. The MBR or the Master Boot Record is damaged or corrupted.

4. The partition where the MBR is located is not active anymore.

To fix this, try to test if your hard drive is still working. Press and hold the power button to close the computer. And then while pressing and holding the F10 key, press the power button again to open the computer. When the BIOS Setup is already displayed, select Tools menu and then select Hard Drive Self Test. Press the Enter key to run the test.

You can also try to repair this by inserting the Windows XP installation disk. Do not reformat, just click Repair.

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Missing operating system error message


That happened because your USB flash drive is not yet bootable. To install Windows XP from a USB flash drive, download Rufus. This program runs right out of the box and doesn’t need to be installed. Once you have this, you need to create an ISO image of your Windows XP setup CD. To do this, download ImgBurn and install it.

Once installed, insert your Windows XP setup CD on your optical drive then start ImgBurn. In ImgBurn, select “Create image file from disc” from the menu. In “Source”, select the drive where your Windows XP setup CD is inserted. In “Destination”, navigate to the folder where you want to save the ISO file. In “Read Speed”, select the read speed you want.

When you are ready, click the “Read” button to begin creating the ISO file. Once the ISO file is created, insert the USB flash drive you want to use then start Rufus. In “Device”, select the drive for your USB flash drive. In “New volume label”, enter a name for your bootable USB flash drive.

On the right of “Create a bootable disk using”, select “ISO Image” from the dropdown list then click the CD icon next to it and select the ISO file you created. Click “Start” to begin creating the bootable USB flash drive. This may take some time to finish. When it is finished, close Rufus then download the modified NTDETECT.COM file and unpack it using WinRAR, WinZip, or 7-Zip.

Once unpacked, copy it and replace the existing “NTDETECT.COM” file on your bootable USB flash drive.

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