Mismatch between video and audio time line in avi video

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I have a video tutorial created for educational purpose and is about 380 MB. The problem here is that the audio lag video by approximately 6 seconds. Can I repair this video? Will it help if i convert this video to other format? For my programming purpose the video has to be in avi format only. Are there any easy to use tools or software which can correct the difference between audio and video timelines? Why does this lag basically happen? Will it repeat even after correction? Is there a way to detect the time difference accurately between audio and video?

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Mismatch between video and audio time line in avi video


When you create a video or record a video using a camcorder, the video recording is perfect. What I mean is, the audio matches with the video. There is no lag in the audio, let’s say when somebody is speaking the audio matches with the action on the video. The audio lag normally happens when the video is edited on a computer with low-end hardware.

If your computer doesn’t have enough RAM and video RAM for the graphics adapter, you will probably have a video with delayed audio or video. I experienced it when I tried editing a movie on my computer which only has 768 MB RAM and a built-in video card with 64 MB video RAM. The saving took very long to finish and the output video has an audio lag.

The audio of the movie is delayed for a couple of milliseconds which doesn’t happen on the original source video. The audio lag only happens when the material is long like more than an hour. But if the video is only a couple of minutes, the lag doesn’t happen. Sometimes, video editors provide an option to adjust the synchronicity of the audio with the video.

It can help if you have an audio lag on your video. The problem is, not all video editors offer this option. Try one of the Corel video editors available online.

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