Mint 13 Linux Pros and Cons

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Any one know how different is mint 13 linux from mint 12 linux ? What are the pros and cons of mint 13 from mint 12 ? What additional features mint 13 has from its previous versions?

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Mint 13 Linux Pros and Cons


If your going to install Mint 13 Linux over Mint 12 Linux you will find a lot of difference as the major shift in the newer version is the desktop that’s running. The newer version uses the two different desktop environments namely Cinnamon and MATE replacing GNOME which had been the core component of Mint before these two. The both newer desktops offers their own pros and cons. To be short cinnamon is emphasizing on productivity by having the old traditional desktop style but the pace of its development is fast. On the other hand it is totally new and is not as mature as the MATE is. Whereas the MATE has become very stable over the time period. The usually pointed out drawback of it is the compatibility with bluetooth.

Beside the desktop you can go to and by clicking on Linux Mint can see the difference between the all the versions of Linux Mint. As you'll notice beside having newer versions of components the only major difference is the Desktop that’s been replaced.

Linux Mint 13 with MAYA desktop running.

Linux Mint 13 running Cinnamon Desktop

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