Linux has more than 50 Distros, which to choose?

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I'm having hard time using Windows these days. In Windows, you get many viruses while working online. I'm looking for a Linux Operating System which has common interface like that of Windows 87XP. I've heard that Zorin OS(Linux based) has three different including that of Mac,XP and itself. Is Zorin OS a perfect OS for a man like me? 

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Linux has more than 50 Distros, which to choose?



Linux is one of the nicest OS available in the world for both PC and mobile phones. It’s true that you won’t get viruses or any other malwares while running Linux but choosing the right distribution is a great trouble. Depending on your working type, the distributions vary.

For personal use, you can choose Ubuntu, KUbuntu, XUbuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora etc. They come with nice stable system with a little hardware requirement. Depending on the interface, anything is accepted.

For enterprise usage, you should consider using OpenSUSE. It’s the best Linux for enterprise use.

For server usage, CentOS is the best. Other server editions like Ubuntu Server is also good.

Freedom is your right, and it’s finally upon you which to use.

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