Microsoft SQL Server 2008 uninstalling Error message

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I was just uninstalling Microsoft SQL Server but Suddenly this error message appeared saying access to a .dll file is denied so that I can’t uninstall it now .

Can anyone please tell me how can I uninstall Microsoft SQL Server now?

Thank you.

windowssysWOW64perf-ReportServer$SQL2008-rsctr.dll is denied

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Setup

The following error has occurred:

Access to the path 'C:WindowsSysWOW64perf-ReportServer$SQL2008-rsctr.dll' is denied.

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Microsoft SQL Server 2008 uninstalling Error message


.dll files are important system files that can at times be protected by antivirus softwares. There is a chance that the antivirus software you are running could be interfering. Try disabling it for a few minutes while uninstalling.

If that is not the case then have you already installed a newer version of SQL Server? It may be possible that the same. dll file is being used by the newer version. Try closing it (it might be running some minor processes in the background).

Or you could try uninstalling the newer version first and then uninstalling this one. (if the above process does not help).

Try closing all other windows applications while running the uninstallation. .dll files are sometimes common between different programs as well.

Let me know if any of these solutions work.

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