SBS Small Business Server

SBS Small Business Server


The Windows server 2012 essentials can’t complete the installation and produces warning or error in the Dashboard. When I am installing Windows server 2012 essentials in the vmware workstation, the vmware just created a normal user on its own.



Windows Server 2012 Essentials

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How to make flowchart Microsoft access data. I want to represent data in flowchart. Please help me.



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I have a small business here in India and I need help in using Microsoft Office Accounting (MSOA) Professional 2009.

How do I change currency (from $ to Rs) using Microsoft Accounting 2009 India?

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I was just uninstalling Microsoft SQL Server but Suddenly this error message appeared saying access to a .dll file is denied so that I can’t uninstall it now .

Can anyone please tell me how can I uninstall Microsoft SQL Server now?

Thank you.

windowssysWOW64perf-ReportServer$SQL2008-rsctr.dll is denied

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Setup

The following error has occurred:

Access to the path 'C:WindowsSysWOW64perf-ReportServer$SQL2008-rsctr.dll' is denied.

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Hi experts,

I’m having trouble installing Microsoft Windows Essential Business Server in Hyper-V setup. I think time zone setting issues doesn’t make it succeed. I know that EBS settings doesn’t expose both the clock time and time zone settings during setup, and it always installs with a PST time zone. However, the children of Hyper-V will sync their BIOS time with the parent. But the setup will fail if the parent partition is in a time zone other than PST.

Another issue is about the security server. I am installing Exchange Gateway Objects. When the progress bar reached about 25%, I got an error message saying “Exchange encountered a failure during setup.”

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Hello experts,

When I am migrating to Small Business Server 2011 standard I get this error message:

Cannot find the Source Server

Verify that the Source Server name is correct, and then try again.

I am not sure what is causing this. Any help would be appreciated.

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We have our PC’s configured by the IT service provider to have iPhone access to our SBS 2003.

But after this we are facing problem with the webmail.

It has stopped working in laptops and we have to do remote login to server for checking the emails.

There was no need to do this before the configuration.

We have informed the IT service provider and they are not able to fix this.

Please help us.

We need somebody to fix this problem.

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I get an error when trying to distribute data to my partitions. My data partition has 272GB space and my OS partition has 25GB. I am running a Windows Server 2003 small business server. I was performing commands for the redistribution of spaces when I get this dialog box below. I need to know why this happened. Any suggestion would be very useful for me because I want to finish this task in order to continue with my work. Thanks.

Partition Manager

operation failed

No free space (can't create partition of requested size)

Error source: Hard Disk Manager

Error code: 0x10003

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I’m looking for input to transfer my user’s mail and email from Small Business Server in usage of Exchange 2007 to the new Exchange 2010 server. Currently we have 50 mailboxes in SBS 2008, but we decided to concentrate on individual servers rather than SBS. The new server will be place in our server room on the main site while the SBS is in the data center. Any input that will be entered in the server will be appreciated and accepted as I’m very new in Exchange administration.  Thank you.

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Hi all,

I am using Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 updated with Service Pack 01.

I am unable to connect remotely with the server.

Whenever I give the address of server and click connect I got the login screen as usual.

Then I got the one that is directing to the desktop of the machine.

But at this point, it hangs up for a while and then returns the following error.

Remote Connection Error windows small business edition 2003

VBScript: Remote Desktop Disconnected

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