Microsoft Power Point crashes with error code 108.

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I have lost so much data so many times because of the Microsoft Power Point crashing again and again. An error appears that, "Microsoft Power Point has encountered an error and needs to close – error 108". How can I change the auto save time of Power Point to 5 minutes so that I can prevent my data from loss? Also what can I do to prevent error 108 from occurring? I am using Power Point 2013.

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Microsoft Power Point crashes with error code 108.


You can try out different solutions. The crashing of Powerpoint may have different reasons.
A. Try starting PowerPoint in Safe Mode:
At the time of starting PowerPoint, Hold the ‘Ctrl’ key. Hold the Ctrl key till you see a message which will be saying “would you like to start PowerPoint in Safe Mode.” Then Release the Ctrl key and click on Yes option.

B. Try starting Windows in Safe Mode:
1. Click on Start, click Shut Down option and click on Shut Down.
2. Wait till the computer gets shut down completely.
3. Turn the computer back on. Before starting of system, at some point, there will be screen prompting you to press F8 to start windows in safe mode.
4. As soon as you see that, press F8 and hold it until you see a startup menu.
5. Choose one of the Safe Mode options and let Windows start.
6. Start PowerPoint.
7. Quit PowerPoint.
8. Restart Windows again normally.
C. Check for "leftover" running copies of PowerPoint: When PPT crashes, it leaves running parts of itself. Press Control+Alt+Delete to start Task Manager. Click on the Processes tab and look for an instance of POWERPNT.EXE. If it's available in the list, select it, and then click End Task. Or simply restart Windows. Then try to start PowerPoint again.

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