How to automatically open MS-Outlook on startup?

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Dear All,

I am using a Windows XP Professional machine in the office.

I would like to have my Microsoft Outlook open automatically after turning on my computer.

What should I do to make this happen?

I would appreciate if someone will be able to help me out with this.


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How to automatically open MS-Outlook on startup?


Hello Dave Finnigan, you want to start Microsoft Outlook when Windows OS starts.

There are several ways to do this. I am sharing you one simple way to achieve this goal.

To do this, follow my steps.

  1. Create a shortcut of outlook in the desktop.
  2. To create the shortcut right click on the MS Outlook’s icon then a pop up menu will come
  3. Then click Send to
  4. Then click Desktop (Create Shortcut)
  5.  A shortcut will be created and placed in the Desktop
  6. Select the shortcut and Cut it.
  7. Then go to
  8. Start > All Programs > Startup
  9. Paste the Cut shortcut inStartup.

Now we are done.

Form now every time you starts your Windows OS, MS Outlook will start at the startup. 

Hope you like it. 


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How to automatically open MS-Outlook on startup?


 OK here is the solution for your problem, go to your start and select control Panel now choose switch to classic view after you done now select scheduled Task and now add a new task such that it will open every time when you restart your window.

I hope you can configure it.

Anyhow I will tell you detail also.

After you select the Scheduled task now select ADD Scheduled task Click next after you click on next new window will prompt you for the program you want to add now here select outlook and press next, now select “WHEN MY COMPUTER STARTS” now if you are admin on your PC enter your Password and click next.

A task is scheduled and now when you will start your PC it will run automatically.

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