Microsoft Office Outlook error installing add-in of McAfee

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This morning Microsoft Outlook showed up this error message box. Is for the first time when I have this kind of error, actually I never had errors with Outlook. I tried to reinstall and is not working. Please is there a solution for this error ? How can this be solved ?

Thank you !

Outlook experienced a serious error last time the add-in ‘mcafee addin’ was opened. Would like to disable this add-in ?

To reactivate this add-in, click About Microsoft Office Outlook on the Help menu, and then click Disabled Items

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Microsoft Office Outlook error installing add-in of McAfee


It seems the problem is not actually caused by Microsoft Office Outlook but by the add-in that was installed maybe by your antivirus. If the plug-in or add-in is a feature in your McAfee antivirus, normally, you cannot uninstall it because it is part of your antivirus. You can only disable it maybe from your antivirus or in Microsoft Office Outlook.

First, try if the add-in can be disabled from the McAfee antivirus. Open the antivirus and then go to Settings. Find the section for the email client and then disable the add-in. If you want to do it in Microsoft Office Outlook, start Microsoft Office Outlook then click Yes when you are prompted to disable the add-in. To check if the add-in was already disabled, click Help and then select Disabled Items. See image.

The next window should display the McAfee add-in that you disabled. Once verified, exit Microsoft Office Outlook and then open it again. It should work normally again. See image.

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