Microsoft office excel-problem with email contact

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I have learned that we can mail merge using Microsoft excel, but I do not see any mail option in my Microsoft office 2007.

I need to know how to do it so that I can send more mails at a time.

Should someone know of this method kindly inform me.

Aldrin Richards

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Microsoft office excel-problem with email contact


I am currently using MS Excel 2010, hence the images may appear a little different than what you have.

However, I have reviewed it, and the process is similar as well, so just follow this simple steps for you to be email to start your mail merge.

Using your MS Excel 2007, type the headers: Email, first name and last name on Row 1 of your worksheet followed by the email addresses and names of the person on the succeeding rows.

You can also include more fields when needed (addresses, contact numbers, postal codes, etc.).

Save your worksheet before proceeding to next step.

Using your MS Word 2007, type the email message that you want to send to the recipients you have listed in your excel worksheet.

Click on the Mailings Tab, Click on Start Mail Merge and then E-mail Messages.

Now, click on the Select Recipients Tab and choose Use Existing List option.

Find the location of your recently saved MS Excel worksheet and select Open. Select the sheet where you typed the email addresses, in this case it’s Sheet 1. Make sure that you check the box that says First row of data contains column headers.

Select the Edit Recipient List, check all the fields if all the information is correct. And select the recipients who you want to send the email to.

Then go to the Insert Merge Field tab, select first name and last name to insert a header.

Once you’ve finished customizing the letter, go to the Preview Results tab. You can check each record by hovering through the arrows on the upper right corner.


Go to Finish & Merge Tab, and select Send E-mail Messages.

Make sure that Email is selected in the To: box, create a subject line, and press ok.

You can check in your Microsoft Outlook outbox your sent messages.

I hope this helps!

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