Movie multiple folder .mpeg open

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I got a movie from a friend in a folder with multiple files on it, I only copied the file with .mpeg format in my other computer but it didn't play once I open it. why is that so?

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Movie multiple folder .mpeg open


Well there could be many reasons for it, as you have not specified the error you receive after opening the video file. But hopefully in your case there would be either of the two reasons:

1.       The video file would not have got copied fully. In this case you cannot be successful in any way to play the video & in order to do so, you will have to copy the file from the main source(your friend) once again.

2.       You would not have the appropriate codecs installed in your computer. Codecs are like add-ons which are necessary to play some videos. They are completely free and you can get it from here KLM Codec. If you have got 64-bit Windows then of course you must download the 64-bit one, else I will suggest you to go for Mega.

I would personally emphasize upon downloading this KLM Codec as most probably the issue you would be having is not having the codecs in your computer, which you can of course get from the link posted above.

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Movie multiple folder .mpeg open


If the video is an MPEG file (.mpeg) but it doesn’t play on your computer, there are only two possible reasons: one, the file is corrupt and two, the file is not originally an MPEG video. To verify it, MPEG files should play on Windows Media Player and if your file is a valid MPEG video it should play.

If it doesn’t, try renaming the file into “.mpg” and try again. If the file still doesn’t play on Windows Media Player, try using a different media player like VLC. Download VLC media player and install it on your computer. Once installed, start VLC and play your MPEG file. Since VLC supports a large number of video formats, there’s no reason for your file to not play.

If your file plays successfully on VLC that means it is not really an MPEG video. It can be an MPEG-4 because Windows Media Player can’t play MP4 files especially the ones using the H264 codec.

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