Methods used for data encryption

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Please describe three data encryption technologies that have been set as industry standards for data being transmitted over a network?

Put in consideration that the data is being submitted to web sites over a network.

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Methods used for data encryption



There are a lot of encryption standards that are used in the industry.

The main type of encryption are symmetric key,public key and hashing.

  • Symmetric key encryption includes Data encryption standard (DES), Advanced encryption standard(AES) etc
  • Public key encryption are knapsack, RSA, Diffie Hellman etc
  • Hashing is the most famous technology used. It includes SHA-1, MD5, Tiger Hash etc


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Methods used for data encryption


There are different data encryption technologies available today. One of the most commonly used is the symmetric encryption, where both sender and receiver have a single key to encrypt and decrypt data. Some programs that fall in this category are AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), DES (Data Encryption Standard) and Blowfish.

Another common encryption technology is the asymmetric encryption. Here you have a private key and a public key, making it more secured than the first one. Diffie-Hellman and RSA are the best two types of asymmetric encryption known.

Lastly we have the one-way encryption or better known as the hash function. This is mostly used for password security especially over the internet. When a user keys in his password, the system takes it and converts it into a hash, then it will be compared to the hash stored inside to see if they are match. The most popular programs under this category are MD5 and SHA1. 

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Methods used for data encryption


Since you want to know the different standard encryption methods used, one is AES or Advanced Encryption Standard. It is a symmetric block cipher used by the United States government to secure classified information. This encryption method is also being applied in hardware and software worldwide to encrypt sensitive data.

The origins of the AES encryption method date back to 1997 when NIST or the National Institute of Standards and Technology announced that it required a successor to the DES encryption method or Data Encryption Standard or something that will replace the ageing DES method which was becoming susceptible to brute-force attacks.

The United States government announced in June 2003 that the AES encryption method can be used to protect classified information. It has since then became the default encryption algorithm in securing classified information and also the first publicly accessible and open cipher approved by the NSA for top-secret information. DES or Data Encryption Standard is the other encryption algorithm. It is an obsolete symmetric-key method of data encryption.

This encryption algorithm makes use of only one key to encrypt and decrypt a message which requires the sender and receiver to know and use the same private key. The DES encryption algorithm was originally designed at IBM by researchers in the early 1970s.

It was then adopted by the United States government in 1977 as an official FIPS or Federal Information Processing Standard for encrypting sensitive and commercial but unclassified government computer data.

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