Adding a passkey to a wireless router

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Hi everyone, 

I'm a noob at networking.  How can I add a passkey to my wifi router so that my neighbours don't get into my network? Your advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Adding a passkey to a wireless router


 Here are the steps that you need to follow to add passkey to your wireless router.
1.Make sure that your router is connected to a computer using ethernet or RJ45 cable.
2. Open a web browser.
3. On the address bar, type in your router's IP address. For most routers it is but for Belkin routers it is Press Enter or click Go.
4.Go to the Wireless Menu and the click Security.
5.Under Security you may select 64Bit WEP, to use a 10 digit hexadecimal password (combination of 0-9 and A-F) 128 BIT WEP, to use a 26 digit hexadecimal keys (0-9 and A-F combination), or WPA-PSK to use an 8-63 characters long passkey. This type of password is case sensitive.
6. Click Apply to save your settings. make sure to write down the passkey. 

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Adding a passkey to a wireless router


First you need to know your IP address,you can determine your IP address on your command prompt it will display your IP address.Open a web browser and type your IP address in the address box.Log in to the router  administrative functions then go to the security settings,on the security settings change the username and password you use to log in to the router.

After that disable the routers remote administrative functions because if it is not disable a remote access can allow anyone to access to your router.

So disable this options, then change the name of the network.Enable encrytion then make a password for your wireless router,choose WPA2(Wi-fi Protect Access 2) it is the most secure encrytion format that is available for you.

Lastly record your password and settings that you made, in case your forgot your password you can reset your wireless routers to default settings and then resecure your wireless routers again by making a new password and settings of your wireless routers.

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