Mesa Library Got Your Graphics

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While trying run a game or any application that requires subsequent use of graphics beyond very basic needs some older versions of linux users often get an error which says

“indirect_vertex_array.c:1359_indirect_glTexCoordPointer:Assertion ‘a != ((void*)0)’ failed” and graphics drivers often fail to load. What can be the solution to this problem?

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Mesa Library Got Your Graphics


This error is caused due to outdated or corrupted “Mesa Library” which is an open source software implementation of OpenGL specifications when used in Linux based hardware implementations. Issues with the Mesa distributions can be solved by the following steps:

a) Download the latest version of Mesa Library (tar.gz)

b) Move the downloaded file to the path to/opt/Lumerical/fdtd/lib.

c) The file can be untarred using the command sudo tar zxvf mesa-<version number>-suse10-fix.tar.gz

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