Role Centered Accessibility on the LANDesk 9.0 SP3

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Guys! I am facing some concerns with Role Centered Accessibility on the LANDesk 9.0 SP3 analyze atmosphere in our office.

Any customers that are aspect of LANDesk Administrators’ team can log in easily, though customers that are just associates of LANDesk Program Authors team cannot sign into the system.

The image below show the fault notification:



Invalid authorization specification Invalid connection string attribute

To make them able to be signed in, they need also to be an aspect of LANDesk Control Package team. LANDesk Program writers contain AD protection categories that have entry to log into the primary.  If I add the customers either immediately to the Control Package team or add their AD protection team then they can log in. Is this an appropriate behavior? 

As per the certification, an individual just needs to be a participant of one of these categories. Did any of you face a similar problem before?

If you know any solution about it, I would like to request you to share it with my team. It would be highly appreciated. 

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Role Centered Accessibility on the LANDesk 9.0 SP3


It’s a bit tricky and lengthy process to solve this problem. I hope that it helps you to solve the problem.

  1. First you need to see if the remote registry service is running on the main server. Once you figure this out, then you can proceed further otherwise start this service.
  2. Now verify if the entries in the registry are the correct ones or not.
  3. In the server open registry and set some key values that will determine the type of connection being made.
  4. Verify the ender user have access to the required things on the server.
  5. Check the permissions too and allow any permission that is needed for a successful connection.
  6. Just change few other things like that and you will be good to go. The end user must be able to login now and if they don’t, then there is a problem at their end now.

You can also try this link for help.

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