Merge and Resize the Layers in Adobe Photoshop

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Please tell me how to merge layers in Photoshop. Also tell me how to resize any layer in Photoshop.

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Merge and Resize the Layers in Adobe Photoshop


Hi Lamily2,

Merging Layers in Photoshop are great tools which you can use while working with Adobe Photoshop. But if it has to many layers it will only cause disarrangement. If you increase the file it will slow down your Adobe Photoshop.

Here's How:

  1. Start with a blank document when using Adobe Photoshop.
  2. Make two (2) new layers in addition to your background by choosing the option "New" in the "layer "Menu and select the again " NEW " and now you should have your background already and two new layers.
  3. Click the empty box to the right of the eye icon.
  4. Select the Layer in other for them to be link together. And by that if you move the first layer the other layer will follow on moving.

Hope this might help you.



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Merge and Resize the Layers in Adobe Photoshop


As a beginner try to make fun with Photoshop do as you want. What your mind want to paint, just paint it. Then if you have more than 1 layer you can merge them by following steps: at first open the document and go to this option when the whole document is selected. Layer > merge layer. Or you can merge what you see by go to layer > merge visible. Now if you want to resize any layer just select the layer and press “ctrl + t” you see that borders come get your mouse little on any angle you will see that your cursor change to resize sign now drag to resize it and press “enter”.

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