Memory test fails to solve the found errors

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I have installed on my PC MemTest to find out if I have errors with my RAMs. It appears that I have some errors and I followed the URL showed in the error and I didn’t find a solution there. Can anyone of you experts help me please to fix this error ? Should I be worried ?

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Memory error detected! Pair 17152702 does not store values accurately.

MemTest has detected that your computer cannot accurately store data in RAM.

You need to fix this.

See the online FAQ, question #2 ( for advice on what to do next.

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Memory test fails to solve the found errors


If you use MemTest to check your memory cards and the program was able to find a problem, please remember that memory cards are unrepairable or can’t be fixed. Once an error is detected or you encounter different issues on your computer that are related to the memory, the only solution that you can do is to replace it with a new one.

So here, since MemTest has detected a problem on your device, the only way you can fix it is to replace it since it can’t be fixed. Remember that there is no program on the computer that can fix memory card problems. Even if the program has detected only 1 error, it still means you have a problem.

Perfectly functioning RAM doesn’t have errors even if you run MemTest for days. But even if an error was detected, it doesn’t mean that your RAM is already bad. Check if you have overclocked your computer. Running MemTest on an overclocked computer will also result on errors. So, if your computer has been overclocked or you configured your RAM with more aggressive RAM timings in the BIOS, you should lower down the settings before deciding that the RAM is really bad.

In case you already lowered down the RAM timings in your BIOS but MemTest still detects errors, then it is really bad. You need to replace it because if not, you might experience corruption and stability issues. If you are using an old version, download MemTest 4.1. It supports all versions of Microsoft Windows.

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