Meeting Request Error in Outlook 2011 for Mac

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Hi, all!

I have a friend who has an Outlook 2011 for Mac user that is getting this error:

Error: Could not synchronize record: Discuss layout for new sampler packs to Exchange server
Details: The meeting request has already been sent and might not be updated.
Error Code: -19718 

We both use Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 SP1 to check on the problem. Despite the error that is popping up, the Outlook is functioning properly. There were other errors about meeting requests and he was able to retrieve and delete these. The meeting request errors that we could not find were listed in the attached file. i tried searching for the error code and its details but I found nothing. 

Any help to resolve these errors would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you very much!


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Meeting Request Error in Outlook 2011 for Mac


Solutions to Error code 19718 in Outlook 2011 can be seen below. Now, this issue has been around since Outlook 2011 was released so this might just be a temporary fix until Microsoft releases an update that addresses this:

  1. Try to empty your cache. To do this, right click on Calendar. Select Folder Properties and choose the 'Empty" button. But before you do so, copy the contents first of the folder to a temporary folder as you may lose some entries.
  2. Remove the permissions on the shared calendar via the admin user on the server. Set the permissions on the local Outlook machines.
  3. When somebody creates a new event, have them go to Options and then Show Free/Busy Status set as Free. This should sync the calendar.

Hope that helps!

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