Error in windows mail. Junk Email Protection

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Hello experts,

I don’t know about the following message. Change Junk email protection level in Windows mail! Please give me the details of this message. Where can I change the settings? Thanks in advance.

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Error in windows mail. Junk Email Protection


Dear Minette Viudez,

In order to change the junk email protection level, please consider following these steps:

  • Click "Start -> All Programs -> Windows Mail".
  • Click "Tools -> Junk e-mail Options".
  • Now select the protection level you prefer.
  • No Automatic Filtering: to stop blocking junk email messages altogether.
  • Low: to block only obvious junk email messages.
  • High: to block as may junk email messages as you can. You may have got another legitimate emails gone to the junk folder.
  • Safe List Only: to receive messages from people or domain names in a list of safe senders only. Any other emails from other senders will be treated as junk emails.

Hope this may help you.

Best of luck.

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Error in windows mail. Junk Email Protection


If you need to configure your spam protection or junk email setting, here’s how you can do it in Windows Live Mail and Windows Mail. In Windows Mail, go to Tools then Junk E-Mail Options. If you are using Windows Live Mail, go to Actions, Junk E-Mail, and then Safety Options. This brings up the Safety Options dialog in Windows Live Mail and Junk E-Mail Options for Windows Mail.

In Options tab, select the level you prefer for filtering junk email under “Choose the level of junk e-mail protection you want”. It has four levels:

  • * No Automatic Filtering
  • * Low
  • * High
  • * Safe List Only

After that, click OK. There are several email clients that use a mark-as-junk approach to identifying junk email or spam mail. The objective of this method is to train the email client to recognize a spam mail. Even if it offers methods to identify junk email, it is still not that accurate. You still need to check the spam folder or Junk mailbox from time to time.

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