Malwarebytes’ trying to block my antivirus

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I need an answer. Why is Malwarebytes' trying to block my antivirus?

Malwarebytes anti-malware

Successfully blocked access to a potentially malicious website:

Type : outgoing

Port : 49865

Process : avp.exe

Please help me to solve this.


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Malwarebytes’ trying to block my antivirus



It looks like your Malwarebytes program is blocking Kaspersky's update.

1. What you will need to do is go through and change the settings in Malwarebytes to allow Kaspersky to run its update.

2. If it won't let you do that. What you can do, if you installed Malwarebytes on your computer before Kaspersky, is reinstall Malwarebytes because the automatic configuration it does to install did not configure itself to allow Kaspersky to run. When you do this it should reconfigure itself with your current running software in mind.

Hope this helps.

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Malwarebytes’ trying to block my antivirus


At first, I thought you have two antivirus programs. I also receive that notification when visiting some websites but I’m using a different antivirus, ESET Smart Security. That notification doesn’t mean that your Malwarebytes is blocking your antivirus. The message means Malwarebytes has blocked access to the website you visited.

This behavior is automatic and will appear every time you visit a website that has been reported to be malicious. Your antivirus blocks your web browser from connecting to the reported website including the IP address of the site. I actually like this feature because it helps us users in protecting our computers from accessing websites that pose threat to our security and privacy.

This protects every user from downloading stuffs from rogue websites that may contain malicious codes like malware, virus, Trojan horses, and other programs that may acquire personal information from the computer. Just keep your antivirus updated so you will be protected against different online attacks.

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