Making MBP into a desktop

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Hi there! Is it possible to make the MBP into a desktop? I wish to make my MBP into a desktop; that is, to set it up and use it as a desktop. I don’t have any idea on what should I about it and what will I need how to make it work. Currently, I have a “magic mouse” and I plan to purchase external keyboard and external monitor. I wish to have my MBP sit on the stand shut with me and at the same time I will be working on the external monitor. Is this possible? What do I need to purchase to connect the MBP to the external hardware? How would I set this up with the best brand of external monitor? Do I need to buy MAC Mini to run two (2) monitors consecutively?  I really wish to work with my MBP and the external monitor, working at the same time, doing different thing with various programs and applications. Is that possible? Thank you so much!  

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Making MBP into a desktop


Hello Axiel,

I think it is possible to turn you Mac Book Pro into a desktop, but what I am not so sure about is the quality of the functionality it will offer you. You will need the following to turn your MBP into a desktop"

  • An external LCD display.
  • An external video adapter which will hook to the MBP to the external display.
  • And an external keyboard and mouse.

Once you have assembled all that, you are good to go to convert your MBP into a desktop. You will need to hook the LCD display to the Mac using the appropriate adapter, and thereafter you will need to hook up the external keyboard and mouse, which is of course an option you can choose to ignore but it will be important if you do so. Done that, you will then just boot the Mac Book and then you will close the screen during boot, and this should l automatically boot your MBP and thereafter you can use the attached external screen.


Clair Charles


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Making MBP into a desktop



You can discover more about Mac clearing your desktop, Managing Startup Items, Cleaning Up the Hard Drive, Monitor Your Activity Monitor, Embrace Cleaning Utility Tools, Getting A Hardware Upgrade. Another alternative is to get a faster hard drive or use a SSD, but they don’t come cheap.

One way is to get the SSD to run only your operating system and other applications, while leaving the other data on your old hard Disk.

Hope it helps you.

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