USB port problem with Asus RoG G750JZ laptop

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Give me more about this laptop where I can tweak and extend the capabilities of it. I bought it few days ago. I plugged in different USB devices but nothing’s being recognized. What could be the possible cause of this problem? Is there any way that we can resolve this issue? Please provide me direct resolution first and explain to me what are the importance of following each step? Please give me alternative way to resolve it also? Please give me as much as possible detailed instructions on how to resolve it. Please assist me in this problem. Thank you very much and have a nice day!

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USB port problem with Asus RoG G750JZ laptop


First of all, try connecting the drives to other USB ports available. If it is still unrecognized, try adjusting the system settings.

Further, there can also be an issue with the USB connectors. You can verify this issue by using spare cables and connectors, if available. As a solution for this, you can try replacing the connectors.

If all these steps prove to be useless, contact for technical assistance, since there can be an internal hard ware issue.

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