Need more information on EIGRP

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 What is EIGRP, and how is it used in routers?  I need to make a powerpoint presentation on this, so anything visual would be much appreciated.


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Need more information on EIGRP



Here are some information’s about EIGRP. I hope the information will help you.

** EIGRP means Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol, with optimizations to minimize both the routing instability incurred after topology changes, as well as the use of bandwidth and power in the router

** EIGRP is a Cisco proprietary routing protocol loosely based on their original IGRP.

** EIGRP is an advanced distance-vector routing protocol.

** Minimum Bandwidth along the path from router to destination network load.

** Minimum path maximum transmission unit

** It provides the least distance to the destination.

** It is guaranteed not to be a part of some routing loop.

Some components of EIGRP

** neighbour recovery

** Reliable transport protocol

** Dual finite state machine

** Protocol dependent module.

All these information are well researched from different website.

Thank you.

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