Macromedia Flash player 6 error, please help.

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Hey everybody,

I downloaded a Macromedia Flash Player 6 because It was needed to watch in my browser. But while I was watching a movie in the internet, an error message popped up!  It says,

Macromedia Flash Player6 Script error: A script in movie is causing Macromedia Flash Player6 to run slowly. If it continues to run, your computer may become unresponsive. Do you want to abort the script?

It always pops up, while I am watching the movie. It's irritating, so I asked my friend why this happens and she told me it was because the version is low so I need to upgrade it. I did, now I am using Macromedia Flash Player 10 but the same error appears. I am using Windows XP and a Mozilla Firefox version 6. I want to know why this happens. Is there any way to fix this? I want to watch my move without interruptions.

 Thanks in advance.

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Macromedia Flash player 6 error, please help.


This one is a Time Out Error. Something in the system causes a more than 15-second loop that results to this message or to your browser freezing. Try disabling pop-up windows from your server to avoid slow connection. Look closely at the Task Manager and the apps and pages that you are running when the error occurs again by clicking Ctrl+Alt+Del. You will be able to find out which of these elements causes the loop and you can End Task it. Another cause would be some type of flash content. To get rid of it, download and use the flash uninstaller and reboot your system. Scan your system once it opens again. Reinstall the latest version of your browser from a trusted website. Go to the Add/Remove in the control panel and look-up Adobe. Make sure the Adobe Download Manager is not installed. If it is in your system, delete it.

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