Mac problems with Lion and MS Office 2008

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Some days ago in my MacBook Pro I installed Lion, and everything was running fine. But tonight, when I tried to open any program in office, a horrible scratching noise comes from inside the laptop, and the attempt to open the program (i. e. word, excel, etc) will freeze everything, and eventually not respond. Then I will force quit, and the computer got back to normal.

Then I uninstalled Microsoft Office 2008 and reinstalled it again. But same problems occurred again. Is it my problem with Microsoft, or with Apple?

Need a solution. In fact I need to access Word so that I can close my term papers because its last week. Please help.

Thanks in advance.

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Mac problems with Lion and MS Office 2008


Upgrading your system to lion still a complicated one. There are still some issues on it and apple inc is still on process on resolving some compatibility issues like the one you are suffering right now. Their first priority is still with office 2011 but they will fully test and take care significant issues of office 2008 as well and that's for sure. Just wait for some updates and you can fix your problem soon.

However, you can just download Office 2011 Standard (with SP1) (Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint etc) because some says it works fine on lion.


I hope this can help.

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Mac problems with Lion and MS Office 2008


Hello there,

You should format your drive first using Disk Utility with start up disk. Remember to partition and reinstall Lion on one drive and Snow Leopard on another. After doing these steps, you may re-install MS office and don't forget to log in first as administrator.

Remember, there are some restrictions when running MS Office on Lion, first, Communicator for Mac crashes when you send an instant message or start an audio/visual call. An upcoming update for this is still yet to be released and Communicator is a corporate product that why many users may never use it.

Second, on Lion, Outlook can’t import mail from Apple Mail. And most important of all, regarding your term paper. The date format in MS Word 2008 may display the year as 2 digits instead of 4 digits. So be careful.

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Mac problems with Lion and MS Office 2008


It seems your Mac computer has a failing hard drive. That scratching noise you hear from the laptop indicates a problem reading data from the hard drive. That sound is created because the computer tries to read damaged sectors on the hard drive over and over. You will notice when this happens the system freezes for a moment then resumes and then freezes again.

It’s like a cycle as it tries to read unreadable sectors. All of your important data are no longer secure and your computer can lose all of your files when the worst thing happens.

When a hard drive starts to show signs that it has a problem, like for example you experience unrecoverable error or unable to read data from the hard drive from time to time, there is no telling when all of its sectors will go down. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to purchase a new drive.

You just need to check it and repair the broken sectors of the drive so that next time the computer writes a file to the drive, those damaged sectors will not be used and your data will be safe. When a utility program repairs a broken sector, it marks that area as “bad” and it will never be used again even if you format your hard drive.

It is a permanent mark to the hard drive to tell the system which areas are to be avoided and skipped. Use Disk Utility to repair your hard drive. It is a free application included in Mac OS X that can repair disk problems. To use it, open “Disk Utility” located in “Applications/Utilities”.

Go to “First Aid” tab and then select the drive you want to repair on the left pane. Check “Show details” and then click “Repair Disk”. Wait until it is finished and then check if the program still reports an error. If the application notes any errors, repeat the steps until the program reports “the volume XXX appears to be ok”.

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