Invalidate Or Non-system Disk Error Fixing Process

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Hi, I’m getting an error “Non-System disk error” with a black screen after I added my new hard disk. I restarted my PC several times but getting same error message. Please post Non- system disk error fixing process. Thanks in advance.

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Invalidate Or Non-system Disk Error Fixing Process


Hi, when computer BIOS cannot find a bootable OS this error message appears. So please check your storage devices connected to PC especially your hard disk carrying OS. Firstly go to BIOS settings by pressing F2 or F10 during startup. Then change the Boot order as your 1st bootable device is your HDD which contains OS.

If not fix it, If yes try to remove all other storage devices connected except your OS-HDD then restart your PC. Sometimes due to boot viruses came with new software also cause this so try to format your system when above process is not worked backup your system before reinstalling or repairing OS.

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Invalidate Or Non-system Disk Error Fixing Process


That’s normal when you are installing a new hard drive because there’s still no operating system installed. This can happen if the new hard drive is the primary master. In computer, you can have two master drives: a primary master drive and a secondary master drive. The primary master drive is where you install the operating system. The secondary master drive is not suitable for operating system installation.

Even if you can install an operating system in the secondary drive, it will not boot the computer because it is not designed to be bootable. If your computer has Microsoft Windows installed but you are seeing this black screen with that message, check that the new hard drive you installed is set to secondary and not primary.

You can check this in the drive management section in the BIOS. Restart your computer then press DEL, DELETE, F2, or whichever key is used to go to the BIOS. In the BIOS, go to the drive management section then change the order of the drives. Set the new hard drive as the second boot option or third boot option if you have an optical drive.

Set the hard drive where Microsoft Windows is installed to first boot option. Save the new settings then exit. This should fix the problem. Also check that no USB flash drive is connected to the USB port and no disc is inserted on the optical drive. This usually causes the “non-system disk” error.

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