“low format flash drive Toshiba”

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What do you think about "low format flash drive Toshiba" ?

Do you think it is a good flash drive?

16 GB
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“low format flash drive Toshiba”

Negative Side of low format flash drive Toshiba:
1. Can't read, write, or format
2. Often sometimes doesn't display in window as a separate removable drive as though the PC detects its existence.
3. Sometimes this dialogued shows – Windows says "Drive is not formatted. Format now?"
4. Saving any word document may result bad sector spotted at flash drive and next day it may not open properly.
5. Sometimes it doesn't shows any files or folders in the drive and remains all files and folders hidden or may be sometimes result write protected all files and can't delete any files from flash drives.
So my suggestion is low format flash drive Toshiba is not suitable for any rough workings for all users.
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“low format flash drive Toshiba”


It is a 16GB Toshiba Ginga USB Stick. It’s a good flash drive from Toshiba and is USB 2.0 certified, and doesn’t have too slow of a format.

This device is compatible with USB 1.1 and 2.0 slandered used on computers. It is plug & play on MAC & Windows, and there is no driver installation required. It operates as a hard drive with auto run and boot functions.

Other physical  specifications are as follows:

• Shock Resistance: 1000G

• Minimum Data Retention: 10 Years

• Plastic Body with Black color

• Physical Size: 30.0 x 12.0 x 2.0mm (L*W*H)



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“low format flash drive Toshiba”

  1. It is a good Toshiba product with a writing speed up to 3.9 Megabytes/sec.
  2. It also gives a good reading speed up to 17 Megabytes/sec.
  3. It is an Award winning premium quality production which gives you up to five years warranty.
  4. It has large storage capacity, and also includes Ready Boost Function of Windows Vista.
  5. This is a unique feature which led you to speed up the drive by storing the commonly using data for quicker access than off the hard drive.
  6. It can be enabled as soon as the device plug into your computer.

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