Loud Noise of Fans Inside CPU

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Hello.  I am quite alarmed at the state of my computer.  One of the fans inside my CPU vibrates for about 30 seconds once I turn it on. The noise is loud.  I don't have any inkling on how I could remedy this.  It usually happens when I leave my computer turned on for a long time.  Even though I restart the computer, it doesn't help. Please help me find a solution to this problem.

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Loud Noise of Fans Inside CPU

What computer fans basically do is to take the heat out of the CPU to try and cool it. If the CPU is too hot, the CPU fan then has to do more revolutions per minute to compensate. This creates a lot of noise and if the fan is not seated properly, it creates vibration. I suggest you try and take the CPU fan out, clean it as well as the heatsink. Put thermal compound on the heatsink and seat it back properly. This should make the fan more effective in moving heat which should help your situation.
Thank you. Hope it helps.
Clair june

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