Lost Windows XP Login Password

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I Have Windows XP professional Installed on My IBM Desktop. My Daughter once curiously changed the login password and now she has absolutely no clue regarding what was the password she set.

I have Important Files on the system, hence formatting won't help much.

Please Suggest any thing to restore my computer back to life.


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Lost Windows XP Login Password


To regain windows XP password:

  • At first restart your PC and press F8 (you may press it several times, because the computer takes a very small time interval to take the boot menu options)
  • Press it until your PC boots the SAFE MOOD option.
  • When your PC boots in SAFE MOOD, you can log in with ADMINISTRATOR account. Administrator is the default user account for windows XP.
  • There should be no password needed to log in to your administrator account (if anyone had not changed your default administrator password)
  • Just log in to the administrator account and change/modify/delete your old password or create a new user account.

That’s it.

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Lost Windows XP Login Password


Please follow the instructions to change the forgotten password without logging into the operating system/windows or logging in to the operating system/windows without password.

Just start your computer, in the appearance of ‘BIOS POST’ screen and WinXP boot screen Press Alt+Ctrl+F8.

The ‘BOOT MENU’ will appear, Select ‘SAFE MODE’.

You will find a login screen having Administrator’s ID, If doesn’t! Press Ctrl+Alt+Del two times and enter the Administrator manually in without a password.

Once you have logged in to the operating system, open the ‘Control Panel’ and change the user profile in accordance with the necessary concerns.


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Lost Windows XP Login Password


When you install Windows XP and administrator account is created during the installation process. Most people leave that account without giving any password. To recover your lost password try to log in to that administrator account first. Then follow the steps below.

  • Click on ‘Start’ button.
  • Click ‘Run’.
  • In the ‘Open’ textbox type ‘control userpasswords2’. Please don’t enter quotes there.
  • Click ‘Ok’.
Now Windows XP opens the ‘User Accounts’ dialog box. Select your username from the list appears and click on ‘Reset Password’ . Enter a new password and confirm it by retyping in confirmation box.
Click on ‘Ok’ button. Now your password has been changed. Logout from the current user account and try to login to your account using the new password.
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Lost Windows XP Login Password


If you have forgotten the password on your account, it is very easy to reset it. First of all, when you are on the Windows Logon screen and prompted to enter the password, just simply press Ctrl+Alt and the Del key twice.

You will be directed to the username dialog box. Type Administrator in the username and then press the Enter key. You will be logged on as the Administrator. Click Start and then go to Control Panel and User Account.

Select your own account and then remove the password. Log off as the Administrator account, restart your computer and then log in using your own account.

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