Looking for a plug-in to download all images from a web page

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I am searching for a Chrome plug-in that allows the user to save all images in a certain webpage (not the whole webpage).

I used to do that using the IDM plugin but it crashes on my Chrome.

Is there any way to find such a plug-in? I searched the Chrome's plug-in page and didn't find any.


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Looking for a plug-in to download all images from a web page



Since Google Chrome is somewhat a new browser, some 3rd party developer hasn't supported it yet. I'm going to give you three major download managers that officially have Google Chrome support.

  • Internet Download Manager 5.15 : A download manager that not only sorts your downloaded files according to file types but also has a neat extra feature of accelerating download speed, even doubling the normal download speed by far and the publisher claims it can increase download speed by five times. It has lots more added features that are quite useful.
  • DownloadStudio 5.1.2 : Though this is not a program for the newbies, it is still a program designed for the meticulous and has an eye for details. It has a Quick Start View and an Expert View depending on your need. By allowing browser integration, you can download files while surfing to the point of just grab and drop items on the go.
  • Download Accelerator Manager 4.1.1 : This baby's main arsenal is its ability to download lots of things, fast. Its interface thought not the good, if quite user friendly and offers a quick way of placing URLs of sites to download from. It also boasts your downloading experience with a download scheduler for those who goes away from the keyboard and doing other things while download large items.

You can check out these applications in Google Chrome. They are all free wares and easy to install.

Hope you have a lot of fun downloading!



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