Looking for excel sales tracker

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I am looking for excel sales tracker. Please suggest me how can I create excel sales tracker form MS excel 2010. Is there any coding for creating excel sales tracker.

Please suggest best solution.


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Looking for excel sales tracker


Hi Mich Baker,

Thanks for sharing your problem with us, tracking excel sale manually is very complex and time consuming. You can use software to track your excel sales. There are many software available ion the market. One of them is "BASE". You can use this software to track your excel sales. If you want to track your sales manually then please follow the following steps

1 Open the Microsoft Excel and create a new worksheet.

2. Create two column "Date" and "Sales".

3. Plug your date range into "Date" column and total sales amount into "Sales" column.

4. Create the total sum of all the sales. Just select a blank box at the bottom of sales column and type "SUM("

5. Click on Insert and then click Chart. Click on next.

6. Input the data for the chart. Select the "Date Range" tab and click inside the Data Range dialog box. Go to your worksheet and drag a box from the first column in the "Date" section to the last column in the "Sales" section. Press "Enter." The Data Range dialog box fills with a formula similar to the following: :


Click "Next" to continue.

7. Click next if you don't want to add labels.

8. Click the "As new sheet" radio button and name the chart whatever you want .Click "Finish" and you have a daily sales chart.



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