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Logging Into Fallout 76 Triggers “$LoginError_InvalidLogin” Error


This error you are receiving “$LoginError_InvalidLogin” with Fallout 76 is related to your login credentials. You may receive this error when you try to log into the game. This error means either your username or password is incorrect or invalid. So, check both your username and password if they are correct. For the username, normally, this is not case sensitive.

You can enter it in any case you want like all small letters or all capital letters. But for the password, this one is case sensitive. You have to remember which characters are small letters and which are capital letters.

The password must be a minimum of eight (8) characters and must contain at least one (1) upper case letter or lower case letter and one (1) symbol or number. The password mustn’t contain your username. For further troubleshooting, go visit What can I do if I am getting an error when trying to log into my account?

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