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I Receive “Login Failed. This Account Is Not Authorized” When Logging Into Fallout 76


If you are unable to access Fallout 76 or you can’t log into the game, one possible reason is that you haven’t redeem the retail game code yet. Note: the retail game code is different from the B.E.T.A. code you may have previously redeemed on your account.

If you purchased Fallout 76 digitally via Digital Store, Xbox One Marketplace, or PlayStation Store, you don’t need to redeem the retail game code manually because it will be applied automatically to your account. This should immediately allow you to launch the game. On the other hand, if you purchased the game from another participating retailer, please contact your retailer how to get the retail game code.

If this doesn’t work or you already redeemed the retail game code on your account, try using the “Scan and Repair” tool. Completely log out of the game and close the launcher. Restart the computer then launch the launcher again. Navigate to “Fallout 76” then click “Game Options”. Next, select “Scan and Repair” then wait until it is complete.

If the problem continues, log into your account with a web browser and contact Bethesda Customer Support.

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