Log in error when using Yahoo Messenger

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I have been trying to log in to my Yahoo Messenger when I got this error message.  Well, tried to log in several times because I have been mistyping my password.  Hope someone can help me ASAP and can’t wait for hours to use it again as some site said.  Will be waiting.  Thanks.

Problem

There was a problem signing you into Yahoo! Messenger.

Your account has been blocked. Please click “Forgot Password…” to start the unlocking process. (81003003)

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Log in error when using Yahoo Messenger


Hello MHudgens,

Logging in several times with wrong password will really cause that kind of error. I suggest that you click "Forgot Password" and change your old password into a new one. Make sure that the password that you are going to use is not easily forgotten and it should be strong password so that no one can easily access your account.  Don't forget to put an alternative email so that you can easily recover/change your password in case you'll forget it again.

I hope that this will solve your issue so that you can log in successfully into your yahoo messenger account.


Jessie M.

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Log in error when using Yahoo Messenger


Your yahoo account has been locked for three reasons:

Your account is locked for security reasons. This happens because somebody tried to make a large amount of attempts to guess your password and enter your account. Most of the time, it is not actually someone trying to access the account, they just know that by sending huge amount of requests, they can cause the user problems by having their accounts closed. To fix this, visit https://login.yahoo.com/config/login_verify2?


You have logged in on a different machine. You can only log in once with your ID. If you are suspicious of someone knowing your password, they might have logged into your account, but if you have a secure password only you know, it is most likely an error. To fix this, you just need to make sure that you are completely logged out of messenger .


Ensure that you have messenger set to auto login, you disable it and reenter your user name and password. Use Login > Change user. This will bring up the login screen with the boxes.

Clear them and start again.


Update your yahoo messenger. 

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Log in error when using Yahoo Messenger


Log-in error is caused by invalid log-in credentials. Its either invalid username and or password including invalid captcha type.

When logging in to Yahoo Messenger or to any webmail account that requires you to enter username and password, it has numbers of tries allowed.

Most webmail gives you 3 tries, if all failed, the next try you want to re-login back it will requires you to type the letters as seen on the box. This is called captcha and captcha is an added security feature to identify human from machine.

In the screenshots shown above, you'll need to endure certain time frame of wait before you can try to re-login back.

Your account has been locked up due to numbers of tries by using invalid credentials. You need to reset your password and answer the challenged questions for you to gain access back to Yahoo Messenger.

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