What is the way to prevent directory listing!!!

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How can i prevent the listing of the directory? In my accessible folder, I do not have an index file and when i access through a browser its contents are listed.

What is the best solution to my problem?

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What is the way to prevent directory listing!!!


Hi Dear,

If you want to create a new director (folder) on your website and did not put an “index.html” file in it. You may be surprised to know that your visitors can get a directory listing of all the files in that folder. For example: If you create a folder called “Incoming”. You can see everything in that directory by simply typing http://www.example.com/incoming/ in your browser. No password or anything is needed.


  • You website must be on an Apache web server
  • You web host must have Enabled HT Access Server Override

First Solution

  • Following Steps to do for preventing a Directory Listing
  • Get your existing HT Access File (If any)
  • Make a backup of the HT Access File
  • Create or open this HT Access file
  • Disable Indexing
  • Saving and uploading the File
  • Test you website

Second Solution

  • You can control this behavior of your website by using one simple line
  • Option +Indexes
  • The above line enables director listing
  • Option -Indexes
  • The above line disables director listing for your website
  • The HT Access file gives more than simply enabling and disabling of directory listings
  • The HT Access file you can control which files to be ignored when creating a directory list
  • For Example,
  • Index ignored: *.gif, *.zip, *.txt
  • Will make the Apache server to skill all fig, zip and txt files from the directory list.
  • Convenient, isn’t it.
  • Index ignore *
  • Will just create an empty director list

Hope these solution are helpful for you.

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