LMS error message on google chrome

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I am getting the following error message while the lessons are being closed. Is this the problem with articulate player?

How can I fix it?

What is the main cause of this error?

I need your suggestion to resolve the matter.

Thanks for any help.

LMS Message (Thu Feb 02 2012 17:21:35 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time)):

Failed to save your progress. Http Status Code of 0 was returned.

Press OK to save your progress again cr press Cancel to close this course.

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LMS error message on google chrome


I would first like you to check if your java applet is up to date or not please download the latest version of the java from

www.java.com. And then check if the problem persists or not secondly please check the speed of your connection If your connection I slow then there is a probability that the problem is caused due to this issue.


Last but not the least I would also recommend you to check the flash player version installed din you system.


If the auto update of the flash player is turned off then the previous version would not ne updated, So I recommend you to update the existing version.

If problem still persists then let me know.

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