Setting up a new homepage on your Google chrome

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Opening my Google chrome browser takes some time to load its default homepage(about 20secs).

Maybe, changing my default homepage into a page which I frequently use could save time.

Anyone who could help me change my homepage in Google chrome?

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Setting up a new homepage on your Google chrome


Changing your home page in Google chrome is an easy task and it will just take you for minutes.

Be certain to follow the following step for you to do exactly what you wish for:

First, Find the "Customize and Control Google Chrome" in the menu.The best way to locate it is to scroll your mouse over the browser buttons and there will appear label on what exactly the buttons are for.

Next,after clicking the "customize and control goggle chrome",a pull down menu will appear then click the "options".

Afterwards a "Google chrome options" window will appear then select the "basics" in the tab menu. Under the basics tab, there you can see "On start-up" section, there are choices to select, click the "open the home page".

After the last step, there will appear a "home page section", find and click the "open this page" line and enter the URL of your choice that is to appear every time you open Google chrome.

It's done, the final step is to save changes if any and exit in setting. Reload or Load Google chrome anytime to check and enjoy browsing the net and the site you wish.

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Setting up a new homepage on your Google chrome


Hi Alcohol content,

The solution for you question is pretty simple. All you may have to do is to follow  some simple steps to reach your desired action.


First step : Click on the settings button which you can found next to the address bar right side.

Second step : Click on settings from the drop down menu.

 ( Now the settings will be opened in new tab )

Now here you can make two ways to reach your destination page.

First one is about opening the destination page on the browser start up. Here the destination page will be opened as soon as the page launches.

Second one is about making your destination page as homepage. In this option, the page will be loaded when you click on the home page button.

Third step : Type the destination page address on desired option ( On start Up / Home page )

After the modification, close the tab to auto save your preferences. There will be no save / ok button to save your preference. It will automatically save your preferences as soon as the tab closed.

Hope these helped.

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