Lite On erase error shown

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I just followed the instructions as required in the attached image and attempted to erase Lite-On drive but I got an error message saying ‘The Target f/w in does not appear to match the attached drive’. I performed this action using the Win 7 Operating System. I also have DVDKey32 but can’t get any resolution to fix this problem. I hope you can help me to get out of this issue. Thanks in advance.


Lite-On Erase

The Target f/w in does not appear to match the attached drive!

This is based on a comparison of the drive barcode.

Please make sure you have DVDKey32.

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Lite On erase error shown


Hallo Wilson,

If you have key, you will need to just skip the first half of the tut on how to get the key after you see the images where it is telling you to save. You will need to load the dummy.bin as the target in the first tab, and then click into device. After that liteon erase on the third tab it will auto write the original firmware. Make sure the disk drive is half open.

You can also just load your original.bin as your source. Your target in this case will be "orig-93450.bin" from the stock firmware folder. Load it up, and then hit "spoof to target" and then go ahead with the liteon erase, write and then outro.




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