Linux Graphics Card Overclocking; How to get it done?

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GPU Overclocking is quite easy in MS Windows, MSI Afterburner can be used. Is there a application for Linux which can be used to overclock GPU in Linux? I can't use Afterburner on Linux and there aren't any software like the above mentioned piece on Linux. Please help me to get rid of this problem.

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Linux Graphics Card Overclocking; How to get it done?


For the over clocking process we can do by setting Option "CoolBits" "8" under the configuration file named “xorg.conf”. It enables the over clocking support and after that restart the pc. After the launching of NVIDIA setting we can easily find the GPU core and memory sliders. On controlling this we can easily manage the GPU Core frequencies. We can also manage the fan controls by setting the option “Coolbits” “12”. Performance level editing can also be done but there is an NVIDIA disclaimer that should be accepted.


The GPU of NVIDIA770 it can be under clocked to 105 MHz or over clocked at the limitation of 1001MHz.The below image show how the settings can be done under NVIDIA Server settings.

The layout is quite confusing for those who are not too much familiar with over clocking process.


There is an auto detect system to detect the maximum stable frequencies in the old Coolbits system for a specific graphics card. But for the new graphics there is not an option for auto detection. It is to be manually set up and then run the 3D benchmark to get an idea of performance improvements. The following image will show the process.

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